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Please read below to avoid a wasted trip

We no longer have a retail counter. However for the time being you can still collect your pre ordered, and pre paid for parts from us at a pre arranged time. Otherwise you might not necessarily find anyone here as due to the miracles of modern technology we don't actually need to be on site these days during 'normal' working hours.

Due to the above there might not always be someone available to answer the telephone, but most information you should need is available on this website. Price's, and availabilty of parts are easily checked using the Search facilty on the home page (click on the 'Q' in the top right of the page). This information is current, and updated every 24 hours.

Or how about using the relevant online catalogue specific to your car from the drop down on the home page. They are the most comprehensive catalogues on the web, and they contain all the pricing, and availabilty information you should ever need. 

Office opening hours are 9.30-15.30 Monday-Thursday, and 9.30 until lunchtime on Friday.


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01676 541360